PMC Ouvrie’s industry leading defoamers are now in our product portfolio

18 December 2017
We, at AmphoChem AB are happy to announce that our product portfolio continues to grow with industry leading products, now with distribution rights of defoamers and foam control from PMC OUVRIE. The distribution right is for the following markets: Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

Here is a short introduction of PMC OUVRIE and their defoamers.

PMC OUVRIE has over a century of market experience and is one of the major actors in formulation of defoamers and technological auxiliaries for all industry sectors. Their defoamers are suitable for all types of industries and they are specially formulated for the sugar/alcohol distillation, paper, fermentation, agri-food, building/construction, biotechnologies, wastewater treatment and other Industries.

PMC OUVRIE is working very hard to produce defoamers and anti-foaming agents that reduce and hinder the formation of foam in industrial processes. The product range consist of a wide variety of liquid defoamers, including natural and esterified surfactants with natural fatty acids. This range of defoamers meets the latest European criteria for food contact. Wax and silica dispersion, which make up the defoamers, meet non-food application standards for biodegradability criteria.

Defoamers used in the following applications:

  • Building & Construction

  • Food industry

  • Industrial Biotechnologies

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Other industries

If you have issues with foaming, feel free to contact us. We can help you by recommending the optimal product for your formulation.

More information can also be found on

PMC Ouvrie website: Go to webpage

You can also contact our sales department for more information

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