Pemco Additives – an exciting year ahead

Pemco Additives – an exciting year ahead

3 February 2022

Pemco Additives looks forward to an exciting new year of growth and opportunity.

Following on from its acquisition in 2021 by leading global chemical distribution company KRAHN Chemie Group, a family-owned and internationally renowned chemical distribution business with a history spanning 100 years, Pemco Additives is now strongly positioned to continue its business growth in 2022.

To add even greater value and service to its expanding client base In the first half of this year, Pemco Additives will merge with sister company AmphoChem and as a consequence the name will change into Krahn Nordics.

Through Pemco’s extensive operations networks, customers are secure in the knowledge that whatever their needs, whether it is the sourcing, procuring, storage, distribution and safe warehousing of raw materials; the blending and mixing of oils and additives for formulations; the repacking and labelling or any other logistical requirement a customer may expect, the entire operational function is expertly and efficiently managed, safely, securely and cost effectively.

With collaboration at the heart of the Pemco Additives ethos, sharing knowledge is the most valuable and effective way for the company to deliver the extensive range of world class products and services it has to offer. Extending into new segments with a wider range of products and greater resources at the company’s disposal, it promises to be an exciting year ahead for customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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