New Majime Bio – Prebiotic fermented fruit extract

New Majime Bio – Prebiotic fermented fruit extract

29 November 2021

AmphoChem is proud of its technologically-driven personal care portfolio along with a commitment to sustainable and innovative ingredients. Reinforcing these credentials is its sourcing of high-quality products from Adeka, whose experience in the global cosmetics and detergent market spans 100 years.

One of Adeka’s latest innovations, now available to all AmphoChem customers is Majime Bio extracts by LAB fermentation. Majime Bio is a Prebiotic fermented fruit extract that is extremely beneficial to the skin microbiome. Its qualities include elimination of antinutritional factors, production of skin-effective metabolites (Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA), improvement of absorption of bioactive compounds, increased available micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds) and beyond that an increase in the antioxidant capacity of the ingredient. Moreover, interactions between topical applied fermented ingredients and skin microflora represent a straightforward approach that may balance the skin microbiome leading to healthy skin and well-being. 

“The evolution of the cosmetic and personal care industry has accelerated demand for fermented functional ingredients in recent years,” explains Chatarina Schneider, Managing Director of AmphoChem AB. “The fermentation process, by using probiotic lactic acid bacteria, give rise to micronutrients, bioactive compounds and organic acids which synergistically help the skin become healthier.”

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