KEBO – Quality Cleaners and Inhibitors for every plant solution

KEBO – Quality Cleaners and Inhibitors for every plant solution

21 December 2023

KRAHN Nordics continues to offer exceptional quality cleaning solutions for its customers through its range of KEBO Cleaners and Inhibitors for scale removal and optimum surface protection for more efficiency.

The highly effective specialty chemicals offer excellent cleaning results for all applications and plant processes, including against mineral scale and organic or foreign deposits, lime, rust, oils and greases, as well as encrustation and corrosion. The special KEBO formulations provide reliable cleaning and protection solutions, delivered with the support of exceptional levels of customer service and advice to assist with a company’s individual requirements and specific industrial needs.

All operational facilities including steel or power plants, chemical or food processing industries and refineries, can benefit from the extensive KEBO cleaning range. Alongside the excellent cleaning and protection qualities offered by KEBO cleaners and inhibitors, the products contribute to avoiding cost-intensive operational downtimes by extending and protecting the life cycle of equipment, reducing service and maintenance costs and increasing plant efficiency and its operational reliability.

KEBO Specialty Chemicals and products help to improve energy consumption by reducing the site’s CO₂ footprint, thereby helping the plant transition to a more energy efficient and sustainable operation and reducing its costs in the process.

KRAHN Nordics is committed to supporting its customers with an expanding portfolio of world class products.

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