‘Best performer’ rust inhibitors from KRAHN Nordics

‘Best performer’ rust inhibitors from KRAHN Nordics

18 January 2023

KRAHN Nordics continues to offer exceptional quality cleaning products in its range. Focusing on three of the outstanding ASCOTRAN® anti-corrosion formulations available, the rust inhibitors are widely acknowledged to meet almost all the cleaning and protection needs for materials with both ferrous and non-ferrous properties.

Ascotec® is a manufacturer, designer and marketer of leading liquid ranges of anti-corrosion and rust-converting additives under the name ASCOTRAN®. As a valued associate, Ascotec® works closely with KRAHN Nordics to provide excellent cleaning and protection solutions for our customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Ascotran-L is a water-based organic concentrate corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Designed as a complete replacement for oil-based preventives and offering protection of metals during long or short immersion periods.

Ascotran-L44 is a liquid form, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals which is available ready-to-use. It is recommended for most areas and acknowledges as a ‘best performer’.

Ascotran-AC1 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor which is available ready-to-use for the protection of ferrous metals that are in contact with acid solutions.

For more information on the exceptional performance of the anti-corrosion properties of ASCOTRAN® visit: https://krahnnordics.com/downloads/brochures/
Or contact your Sales Representative or email: info.se@krahn.eu


Disclaimer: All information related to our products and formulations are to the best of our knowledge and represent non-binding opportunities and proposals. KRAHN Nordics makes no warranties as to such information and/or suggestions, the fitness for a particular use or that the suggested use will not infringe any patent. The user must determine for themselves the suitability and applicability of any product or suggestion. The safety of formulations has not been established.

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