AmphoChem: Taking responsibility

AmphoChem: Taking responsibility

25 May 2021

AmphoChem successfully operates across a wide and varied range of industry sectors, always to the highest standards of professionalism and international best practise. Responsible conduct and business success go hand in hand and we are committed to work in a safe, efficient, fair and conscientious manner for the long-term benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees.

The safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is at the very top of our agenda. AmphoChem recognises its duty of care to everybody we work with.

Our Code of Conduct is the framework of behaviour we demand of all of our employees and stakeholders.

We follow strict Quality Control and product release protocols which, alongside effective Quality Assurance processes, ensure our products and processes are robustly tested and proved for quality, consistency and safety.

We are an equal opportunities employer regardless of gender, ethnic origin or age. At AmphoChem we recruit and promote based upon experience, skill sets and values.

For more on how AmphoChem approaches is responsibilities as a market leading distributor of chemical products, blends and formulations, click here.

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