100% natural and sustainable products from Citróleo Group

30 January 2018

Citróleo Group has been present in the market for more than 33 years, its brand has been established and is internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment to sustainability.

The company offers 100% natural and sustainable products that add quality and benefits to a wide range of personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, home care and fragrance products.

Let us introduce you to:

CitroGreen –Actives

The CitroGreen Actives line has 100% natural and sustainable actives, proven by In Vivo tests (tested in humans) by renowned laboratories. All products have been dermatologically tested and have statistically significant efficacy results for use in various formulations: Skin Whitening, Anti-Aging (immediate lifting effect) and Post-depilatory and post-sun soothing action, Anti-Acne, Anti-Dandruff And itching relief, Antimicrobial, Anti-frizz, reconstruction and capillary repair (in / out), reduction of stretch marks, deep hydration and bath care products. 

Citroforest – Brazilian Biodiversity Products

Citróleo’s CitroForest line is composed of natural products obtained from sustainable sources of Brazilian Biodiversity. They are manufactured to the highest quality standard, thus ensuring a low acidity index without undergoing a refining process. Our production system allows to guarantee all the properties and benefits for the final product: personal care, products for face, hair and body.

CitroNature – Specialty from Candeia Tree

The CitroNature Line offers the alpha natural bisabolol of the Candeia tree. Obtained from sustainable sources this is supplied in 4 grades of purity: from the 85% specification with an excellent quality to the highest level of purity 99%. Both supplied in conventional or organic quality.

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