As a specialist supplier of Cleaning and Disinfection products, blends and formulations for more than 20 years, we are able provide a solution to suit almost every application. Our high quality products all comply with latest regulations and reflect an ongoing commitment to minimise environmental impact.

Surfactants & Polymers

Top Sellers Description Profile
Berol ENV226 Plus Top performing cationic technology. This is the bench mark product in water based degreasing applications. A complete surfactant base designed for addition of builders and then ready to go.  
Berol LFG 61 A low foaming solution for CIP (cleaning in place) applications. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Ampho HAC Multi An advanced surfactant blend providing multi-performance, not requiring stock up of multiple raw materials. Cleaners, cold degreasers and micro emulsions in one. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Berol R648 NG Superior co-surfactant/hydrotrope. Cationic technology providing excellent performance in water based degreasing applications  
AG 6206 A high performing, low foaming, co-surfactant/hydrotrope. Alkyl glucoside based technology. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Berol 360/366 Natural fatty alcohol non-ionic alternatives to Berol 260 and Berol 266. Corresponding technical performance, including narrow range technology, however with the benefit of a renewable fat base. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Ethylan 1003/1005/1008 Branched C10 non-ionic alcohol ethoxylates providing relatively low foam and excellent wetting. Top performing, work horse, non-ionic alcohol ethoxylates. Ethylan 1003 and 1005 based on narrow range technology. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Berol Surfboost AD15 A "green" Co-surfactant/Hydrotrope. Natural fatty acid content. Label free. Excellent performance in medium electrolyte water based degreasing applications. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Perlastan SCG 38 PF A glutamate based 100% bio-based foam booster. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Poly-L-aspartic acid, sodium salt A fully bio-based and biodegradable polycarboxylate as a green replacement for polyacrylates in scale-control and dispersion. Eco-label, Nordic Swan


Product Description Profile
Dissolvine GL-47-S The “green insurance” and future proof chelating agent. As of today the only and truly partial natural base chelating agent with excellent chelating performance. No crystallization - Super concentrates. Wide pH-range performance. Eco-label, Nordic Swan
Dissolvine M-40 The new generation chelating agent working horse. Excellent performance in most applications. Eco-label, Nordic Swan

Thickeners and Rheology modifiers

Product Description Profile
Bermocoll range Cellulose based thickeners and dispersants. Based on EHEC and with extended modifications to fit every purpose Eco-label, Nordic Swan*


Product Description Profile
Arquad MCB Benzalkonium chloride. A very general disinfection solution. BPR registration under way, including family registration (pre-registered formulations) accessible for our customers. Covered under BPR
Arquad 2.10 DDAC. A very general and common disinfection solution and in particular for outdoor use. Covered under BPR
Triameen Y12D Amine based, highly effective, biocide. Effective at relatively low concentrations as compared to common biocidal actives. Covered under BPR

* Subject to practical concentration limits depending on exact application

We offer an extensive range of products and chemical formulations to suit almost every application. Please contact us if your specific needs are not listed.

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